Reasons To Have the Wedding and Reception In the Same Venue

Reasons To Have the Wedding and Reception In the Same Venue

Reasons To Have the Wedding and Reception In the Same Venue

Travelling back and forth on your wedding day can be an exhausting endeavor; particularly if you have a Ring Bearer and a Flower Girl or young guests in tow. Not to mention accommodating all of the out of town guests who have spent days travelling and are trying to locate multiple venues in a city they are unfamiliar with. More and more couples are opting to have their ceremony and reception in one location and with good reason.

Set Up and Settle In

People can unwind much more if they only have one location to get to and stay at. Eliminate spending a good portion of your wedding day stuck in traffic. You won’t have to worry about waiting on multiple people to show up on time before the ceremony, pictures and the reception can begin. Keep things simple and elegant by choosing one location that meets all of your requirements.

Eliminate Drinking and Driving

Weddings are a time for celebration. Many couples choose to have either a cash or host bar and often serve wine during supper. When your guests have a few hours to kill after the ceremony (while you and the wedding party disappear for a photo shoot) and then have to make their way to a reception; extra transportation needs to be arranged. This is especially true if they have to travel for the third time that day and make it back to a hotel at the end of the night.

Having your wedding and reception in one location keeps things simple. If guests are staying at or near your venue, they may be within walking distance to their hotel room. This keeps the evening stress free. Just think of all the money you will save on cab vouchers.

Reasons To Have the Wedding and Reception In the Same Venue

You and Your Guests Can Relax In One Place

Guests with small kids may need to keep nap time on schedule. Elderly family members may also be used to having some quiet time. When you eliminate excessive traveling between ceremony site and reception; you and your guests have more time to relax and visit.

Spend More Time With Your Family and Friends

When everyone is traveling in separate vehicles and trying to coordinate multiple rendezvous points; little time is left for actually visiting. Wedding days are extremely busy. Many couples relay they hardly saw one another during the reception or did not have time to visit every table. If everyone is staying and hanging out together, you will have a better chance of making time for everyone and everything.

Saving Money

Often, you will receive a decent discount if you are holding the entire event in one location. Ask for group booking rates if you are all staying at one resort or hotel. Using the on-site catering or restaurant may work out to be more cost effective; particularly if you are celebrating in a remote location.

Inform Guests of Your Wedding Day Timeline

If you are going to be stealing away for pictures, let the guests know ahead of time so they may wish to retreat for a nap or meet at the pool. You can have some outdoor activities arranged to entertain your guests while you get photos done such as: Frisbee, Lawn Bowling or a communal campfire. Maintain a welcoming self-serve atmosphere so people can unwind. You will be more relaxed if your guests are having a great time.